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The Stations History


On the 7th of October 1846 Watlington Station opened on the Lynn Ely Railway. In 1848 Watlington became an important junction for services to the market town of Wisbech and March via the now closed Bramley Line carrying freight, fruit and vegetables from the rich Fen land soil.

The station was renamed Magdalen Road  in 1875.

In 1968 Magdalen Road station closed along with the Wisbech & March lines due to the Beeching cuts of the Time. 

Local residents campaigned to get the village station reopened and in late 1974 British Rail confirmed that the station would reopen in the Spring of 1975 .  

In 1989 the Station returned to its original  name Watlington and in the 1990's the new south bound platform was built behind the signal box that still holds the name  with the Network South East Board of Magdalen Road


I bought this old Station in January 2021 with the intention to restore it.


With the original station building came the Ladies Waiting Room and the old luggage/lamp store sited next to the waiting room. The Ladies Waiting Room has now  been renovated and turned into accomodation.

The Restoration

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